Here is a long-awaited full version of our video interview with foreigners about Lviv for life and Lviv for business!

Can the city be an innovational platform, cultural space, IT hub and have its own unique “jazz” pace of life?
Lviv is the perfect example of such a city. What is more – such a combination makes it a magnet that attracts both Ukrainians and foreigners intending to launch their businesses. We asked foreigners from the USA, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Greece what brought them to Lviv and why they decided to settle and start their businesses. 5 stories about entrepreneurship, synergy with Ukrainians, rest, love for architecture, and Carpathian mountains – all gathered in this video.
We want to express gratitude for sharing insights about family life, work, and entertainment in Lviv to:
Marko Kundert, Offshore manager
Theo Schnitfink, Chairman of the Board
0:00 What made you come to Lviv?
3:10 Was the transition to Lviv difficult for you? What challenges did you face?
5:45 What do you love about Lviv?
7:30 What is it like to do business in Ukraine?
10:02 Why coming to Lviv as a foreigner?

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