LvivLand - your videopedia about Lviv, life, culture and business. LvivLand is meant to expand the view, to break stereotypes, to open the new perspective. Lviv is the city of emotions, wonderful architecture, good services, tourism and IT start-ups. There is any subway, but there is the metro station, there is any ground river, but there is the underground one, there is any sea, but there is an ocean - the ocean of opportunities. We just want to help the world to see that.

LvivLand is meant to expand your view, break stereotypes, and open new perspectives.
Lviv is a city brimming with emotions, wonderful architecture, great service, tourism and IT start-ups.

Contrasting centuries old architecture, cobblestone streets, ancient cathedrals, and a charming electric trolley system from 1894 with a modern and booming science & technology sector, Lviv retains its respect for the past while forging forward to become one of the premier tourism destinations and IT capitals of Europe. With so many things to do and see, it is easy to enjoy Lviv’s great people, hospitality, and amazing restaurants ranging from local cuisine to international. Lviv is a vibrant hub for both business conferences as well as cultural festivals, from Lviv IT Arena, Eastern Europe’s largest IT conference to gig Jazzfest (considered top five festivals in Europe) Lviv offers year-round opportunities for business and leisure travelers alike.

LvivLand would like to become your personal videopedia about Lviv.
Lviv is one of the last hidden gems of Europe and LvivLand is looking forward to showing you all
of the great things Lviv has to offer.

Once you visit our beautiful city you will never forget Lviv, and your amazing experiences will surely leave you longing to return.

Welcome to Lviv!

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